Pumice Stones for the Toilets

That’s right… pumice stones for the toilets.  I happened to be shopping with my friend Eleanor and I glanced behind me and randomly saw this pumice stone advertised for getting hard water marks off things like toilets.  Perfect!  Because I have tried scrubbing and things like CLR (which does absolutely nothing) even baking soda, lemon juice etc. No such luck and our toilets are clean (usually!) but they always have water rings and marks in the bowls.  I was sure this stone would scratch the toilet but right on the back it mentions toilets and it does mention not using it on coloured porcelain but ours are white so it was alright.

I brought it home skeptical because all it is is a stone.. just look a skin pumice stone.  But I scrubbed the toilets first and then went to work with the stone… testing a small patch first and then touching it (yes I stuck my hand in the toilet. Oh well) to find out if it was scratched and it wasn’t!  So I did both toilets and all the hard water marks are gone! Our toilets are sparkling! So now, if a stranger asks to use our bathroom they won’t think we are dirty people!  I was/am pretty excited about this. I didn’t feel like I should take pictures of the inside of our toilet though so you’ll have to settle with a picture of the pumice packaging.  🙂



Next up, the shower/tub!  I don’t know if I can use it on it since I think our tub is either plastic or fiber glass… but I’ll read the package more carefully and maybe try a test spot in the corner.  I buy man’s shaving cream in a metal canister and I learned the hard way that it leaves rust rings on the shower if I leave it there for too long so now I have it on a shelf further up (one of those temporary metal shelf things that go from floor to ceiling) so it can’t do any damage but the original damage I did is still there so I’ll see if I can’t fix that up too.


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