Cora goes Homemade

Since Cora’s grain-free diet didn’t do much for her we decided to make her her own homemade food this week!  Which I can tell you now since I am late in posting… still hasn’t helped with her allergies, but she really loves the food so we’ll probably keep doing it for now.  It’s made from turkey, oatmeal, potatoes, egg and a little bit of vegetable oil and it costs about $11/week to make.  We also added carrots into this batch and the next batch I’ll put some other type of veggie into it so she gets more of a balanced diet.   We were keeping her off all people food and treats but that didn’t seem to help either so we’re not sure what’s causing her allergies… maybe oatmeal or potato I guess, since she doesn’t get turkey or egg often enough to think that might be the problem.  Or she has some other skin problem or allergy… for all we know she is allergic to cats! Wouldn’t that be awesome?  For now though she really, really gets excited about breakfast and supper and it takes maybe a half an hour to cook up a batch of food for her so it seems reasonable.  I don’t know if she’d even eat kibble if I gave it to her right now!


2lb of turkey, potato and oatmeal along with 16 (of our own) eggs and 1 cup of vegetable oil plus a couple of chopped up carrots makes 8 full days of food (according to the calories she is supposed to need)


It looks a bit gross…the oatmeal sort of got sticky but she sucks it down.  It must smell good to her!


I got a large tupperware at the store and it fits the 8 days of food perfectly.


After she finished her supper I let her lick the pot that I mixed everything in.  She was pretty pleased with it!


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