Classy Supper

I can’t remember why we wanted something easy for supper this night but we did so supper turned into a very fancy hotdogs with macaroni and cheese and a bunch of mixed veggies.  Granted it was organic mac and cheese (which I sometimes buy, but not always) and the hot dogs were nitrate-free hotdogs (which as it turns out, do not taste good the second day we learned!) and our veggies consisted of broccoli, purple cabbage, carrot, garlic, peas, and yellow pepper so it was a nice mix…  but it was still macaroni and cheese and hot dogs and veggies!

Oh, and those plates have been in a lot of our photos lately.  I love them.  Joe picked them out from Ikea because he liked their mates which are square but with a lip on them and somehow I fell in love with these plates and now often I will put our supper on them…especially if something might roll around like peas or has juice like spaghetti!





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