Spring Cleaning – Laundry Room

I think the laundry room might be my favourite room to clean because it’s just so easy and then I feel like I can cross a room off my list, even though it takes only a quarter of the time that a room like the kitchen does where I have to go through cupboards and all of that!

All I did was scrub the toilet and sink, wash the washing machine and dryer, dust, wash the blinds, sweep the floor and wash the mirror.  A couple of weeks ago I removed the litter box that was in the room… it was the original but then I had to add a second and then a third box upstairs because that was where the cats wanted to go to the bathroom and after awhile nobody, not even Chloe, was using the downstairs one…so it made no sense to keep it there!  So we just have the two boxes upstairs now and everybody is fine with that and under the sink is now where I have the kitchen towel laundry basket and my cleaning bucket.

The sink (laundry tub) was probably the dirtiest part of the room because it gets so scummy from the watering can I use for the chickens…I set it down outside and then it gets dirt and woodchips and chicken poop on it and then gets set in the tub to get refilled so often the drain is full of wind chips and it gets pretty gross.  I just ignore it but the other day Joe was using it for something else and was pretty offended by it… so I scrubbed it up good!

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

I hate cleaning the blinds! Such a tedious job, but for now they are sparkling!  I even scrubbed the orange bottle of soap with itself so even the soap dispenser is clean!

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100


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