Hiding Liver

Joe mentioned he wanted to try making liver and onions one day, and I had seen a recipe for roasted potatoes with liver and bacon… so I bought a package of liver for us to try.  My recipe only called for two ounces of liver, so that leaves Joe 14oz of the stuff to try cooking up in the future.  This recipe said that it was a good way to hide liver by combining it with potatoes and bacon… but let me tell you, I could smell the stuff a mile away.  It was not hidden.   I still cooked it up a thinking maybe I wouldn’t be able to taste it afterwards.  I served it with roast cabbage and steamed broccoli.  I just couldn’t choke it down…the liver permeated everything it came into contact with!  So I ate cabbage and broccoli for supper! Joe managed to eat it, and Cora thought it was amazing (she got fed the leftovers for the breakfast for the next two days!).


On the other hand, I totally like roasted cabbage and Joe definitely does not!  I never thought I liked cabbage but apparently I do.  Funny how that works! Now if only that would kick in for liver…


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