Snow (And lots of posts after a long break!)

Sorry I’ve been gone and haven’t updated in so long!  I have a list next to me of all of my posts and I kept meaning to update and never quite got there.  Plus, this week at work was pretty awful.  I don’t talk too much about my work on here besides mentioning I did work and often when I am off or work early or late, but never really much for specifics.  Anyways, this week was probably one of the worst weeks I have ever had in 5 years of working there.  If I could have gone or done something else, I would have been highly tempted except for the fact that I really, really love most of the ladies I work with and I would miss them terribly.  We were all in it together too and I think everything has been pretty well solved now thanks to one of our pharmacists and several other managers!  I don’t want to explain everything online but it really wasn’t anything major (except to us! Nobody was in trouble or anything with the law or DEA or any of that stuff… none of that!)… mostly we had a change in pharmacy management (our manage left and we haven’t gotten a new one yet) which sort of riled up the whole pharmacy and then we are all pretty much women so when you have no consistent management and 12 women (and two male pharmacists at the moment), everybody has a different idea of what should change, or how things should be done… it makes a big mess!  Here’s hoping for continued peace at work or at least maybe I can learn how to not bring it home with me… since by the end of the week Joe was getting grumpy with me because I kept coming home so riled up!

So now, to start off my blog catch-up, all I have are some new pictures of the area and it’s winter! And I am so sorry for the few of you who get this by email, I am sorry you’re going to get roughly 12 blog posts all emailed to you at once!  I recently signed up for a blog by email and I got several emails all at once at one point and realized that’s what I must be doing to readers too.  I never thought of that before!  Sorry!


Even though we still have a lot of snow and now a lot of it is dirty snow, the sun is finally shining more!


Still ice on the Portage strong enough to go fishing and for snow mobilers! You won’t catch me out there though.  No thank you.  Although, I learned from a man in the pharmacy the other day that something like 6 inches, or maybe 12 inches… something that sounds like very little, is enough to hold up a steam locomotive.  So I would probably be alright!




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