Digging Out

Joe got home late last night from the career fair recruiting and supper with his friend who was in town for the event too and he just managed to plow through enough snow in the driveway with his car so that he could come home and not stay in town at the hotel in his friends room!  We weren’t even sure he’d be able to make it into the driveway at all, and he did manage to bury his car in the process… but he made it!


Taken from the living room window this morning.  I didn’t want to put boots on and wade through to get an outside photo!


Joe was outside plowing us out by 8 this morning and it took him almost 5 hours to do because there was so much snow, and then a belt on the plow broke so he had to walk down to the Husqvarna store to buy a new one and come home and install it before he could keep going.  Thankfully we live a block away from the store otherwise it would have taken ages to get his car unshoveled to drive somewhere to buy a belt.  And my car was further into our property and even if we could get it uncovered the snow was too deep to turn it around without plowing and then Joe’s car was in the way in the driveway.  So it would have been a mess if he couldn’t walk to buy parts!  Joe kept going and finished just in time to change his shoes and coat and drive me to work for 12:30!  I worked until 9 then and Joe’s work was closed because of all the snow so he got to have a relaxing snow day here at home with the dog!



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