“Spring” Cleaning During a Blizzard

I’m pretty sure that “I want a blizzard!” came out of my mouth at least once, and possibly twice in the last couple of weeks.  Today I got my blizzard! And a real blizzard too, not a winter storm or lake effect… the weather guy is actually calling it ‘blizzard’.  It’s blowing, snowing and blustery.  The drifts are over my boots in the shallow spots and I have to wade through them in the deepest spots.  The dog thinks it’s pretty funny, but she just leaps from drift to drift like a rabbit.  Thankfully I was off work today and Eleanor didn’t want to go out in this mess either, so we both stayed home.  Several people called in from my work too, I think we were working at half staff… or they were since I was here at home all cozy and warm.

WP_000644This was lunch time even though it’s incredibly dark.  There is just a lot of snow in the air…and on the ground.

Joe did have to go to work today and he barely made it this morning between snow, drifts, blowing and almost no visibility but he did make it!  He actually had to go to town then after a couple of hours to work at the University’s career fair… he was representing his work place and it sounds like it went really well.  He said he was pretty much losing his voice by the end of it!  One of his college friends is up visiting for the career fair too, representing his own work place so the two of them are going to go out for supper and visit and have a drink after they are all finished.

They can’t stay out too late because his friend needs to drive back to Ishpeming (which is maybe an hour and a half away, but in this weather might take twice as long) because that is where he is staying and I’m guessing Joe is going to plow when he gets home.  His car won’t even fit in the driveway right now and there is no way my car will get out.  The blizzard is supposed to continue into tomorrow but our driveway needs some major intervention before then or neither of us will be coming or going anywhere! I’m pretty sure my spin class is a no-go tomorrow morning (it was cancelled Monday so I was looking forward to it!) but we both do need to make it to work!




Can you see our road? Because it’s here, right in front of me.  I can’t see it though!

Since I was going nowhere today I decided I would start on some ‘spring’ cleaning so I would keep myself busy and do something other than sit and watch T.V. all day.  So I started on the living room (so I could watch morning shows like the Today Show and Live with Kelly and Micheal).


(Above) This was mostly ‘before’ although I had already moved a few boxes and other things out of the room.  It wouldn’t be so bad but our big loom is crammed in there for lack of a better spot for it and it takes up so much space. I don’t like it, so I dragged it back into the dining room.  I’d like to move it to the basement or take it apart because it’s gigantic but that will require Joe’s help.  (Below) I made a bigger mess just by moving stuff and cleaning up books and magazines etc.


I swept under and behind the couches, collected missing dog toys, found a shoe, a fork, a couple dozen of my hair bands, more dog toys, and some dust bunnies.  Not too bad considering it’s been a few months since I cleaned under the couches.  I washed all the blankets and pillow cases and spent a good hour trying to rearrange the furniture to something nicer.  I wish our sectional couch would fit in the room nicer but the room is just two feet too short in width to fit the entire thing nicely.  I’d love to knock down the wall separating the living room and dining room but there is electricity and hot water piping going through it so we’re not sure if we want to deal with that right now!  Plus, we’d need to patch the wood flooring then and once you start removing plaster and lathe you just have to keep going…so two small wall sections coming down would turn into a lot of work in the end.  Worthwhile work… but not by myself on a Tuesday morning with no planning!


So I settled on something new.  I cleared out books and clutter for now and left the couches like this.  It looks really weird and isn’t the best use of space, but it’s something different and it gives us one more option to sit that we might actually use since having a couch underneath the T.V. makes it pretty useless (except for the dog who loves it).  If Joe hates it we’ll put it back the way it was, no big deal,  and if nothing else the room is scrubbed pretty clean!  Oh and I hate all of those cords hanging.  I think I need to figure something out for those but I’m not sure what.  They look pretty ugly though.



Cora’s toy baskets are overflowing now and she is over the moon about all the tennis balls I dug out from under the couches! Plus a couple of squeaky toys and some cat toys and a Christmas ornament she stole from the tree and ripped the hanging loop off (the little blue/brown bear thing out front of the basket).

After finishing the living room I hauled a few loads of tools and stuff like that down to the basement and then decided to call it quits on the cleaning for the day besides some dishes and laundry which I couldn’t help.  I did my 6-mile training run on our treadmill and then showered for the day, had some lunch, and spent the afternoon watching movies on T.V., making ice cream (requested by Joe so I hope it turns out!), and finishing up little chores.  I took two trips out to the chicken coop today to make sure they were alright and cozy and Cora and I have been out for a few dog walks too.  The snow is so deep its hard to get through!  Now we’re hanging out here at home, maybe getting some supper, and talking to Joe occasionally by text message while he is out with his friend.  We’ll wait up until he is home for sure, although it’s only 6:45 now so we wouldn’t be going to bed this early anyways!


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