Combined Efforts

Today and tonight were pretty good for both of us.  I worked early and Joe got home at a normal time so we got to have supper and watch T.V. together.  T.V. where I promptly fell asleep until Joe woke me up to go to bed but still…we were in the same room!  I bought myself a tart pan last week to make an onion and leek tart I have a recipe for so I tried that and Joe helped/taught me how to use the pressure cooker to cook a beef roast so supper was a combined effort on both our parts.  Not that we sometimes don’t cook together, but often its one or the other of us… whoever has the time, an inclination to do it, otherwise we eat easier foods.


We learned two lessons from tonight’s supper.   First, Joe makes a really good broth/seasoning mix for roast but a 2lb roast needed a good hour in the pressure cooker to make it tender enough.  We called it good at about 40 minutes and it wasn’t quite enough.  And second, my recipe for tart called for ceramic baking beans to bake in the crust before putting the filling in.  I don’t have ceramic baking beans, but my crust didn’t turn out like it should have so I think I need to get some for myself for next time!  We had thyme-butter green beans on the side.  It wasn’t perfect but it was still good and edible!

We finished the evening with Top Gear on T.V. (the British one, not the weird American one) and headed up to bed at a reasonable time.


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