Here are the quesadillas Joe made for us last night.  I helped chop up some of the meat and veggies but he made the cheese sauce and assembled the quessadillas!  The stuffing was leftover pork-butt steak, onion and red pepper and the cheese sauce was made from part salsa cheese (kind of like pepper jack) and part queso fresco (a crumbly white Mexican cheese).  The cheese sauce made so much that we ended up saving over 2 cups of it and probably used another 1/2-1 cup for our supper.  Joe grilled the tortillas first and then put together the quesadillas which we had with light sour cream to dip them in.  I bought light sour cream this time, thinking it would be better for us since we like sour cream so much, but it just isn’t the same.  Sour cream might be one of those things that I have to buy regular regardless of the nutritional values!  Like cheese.  No light cheese either, or at least most cheese… light string cheese seems to be fine.  And our milk we go to both extremes and we always have my whole, raw milk on hand along with store-bought skim milk too and I like both of those just fine.




Cora hoping Joe will share something with her while he was cooking and then Cora enjoying a couple of pieces of quesadilla in the living room… making a big mess on the floor.


Tonight for supper we had leftover chicken pot pie from earlier this week and Joe made homemade salsa and we had some of that with a few leftover tortilla chips and I had a bunch of steamed asparagus because I wanted more veggies to go with supper too but Joe did not want anything to do with it!  By the time I had microwaved it, and then let it sit there for awhile while I vacuumed it was a bit mushy so I don’t blame him… I ate it though anyways.


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