Creme Brulee and Eating at home

Friday nights are our usual Taco Bell nights but we’ve been taking a bit of a break from that just to eat a bit better since we’ve both noticed that we may not be as small as we were several months ago 🙂 I guess the after-Ironman, after-marathons, less-exercise, more holiday foods season kind of caught up with us… bummer! So tonight instead we made our own homemade quesadillas instead of going out.  This week has been interesting because we have hardly had to cook at all since we no longer need leftovers for lunch.  Earlier in the week Joe made a big chicken pot pie for us (missed pictures but it was super tasty) and that lasted us for supper and we have more of that which we will eat tomorrow night.  Then the pork Joe cooked for us earlier in the week made so much that we had leftovers from that to turn into supper tonight.  Valentine’s Day we had special food…so we’ve really hardly had to cook at all and we’ve used very little food overall.  Works pretty good!

Then for dessert (I’ll share quesadillas tomorrow), we had our creme brulee left from our special supper for Valentine’s Day.  Joe got a torch out of the basement and made the crust nice and melty and crispy!  So I suppose after all of that for supper and then dessert we might have been just as well off going to Taco Bell except that we used up leftovers, we know what went into our supper, and we had dessert too which we normally do not do after Taco Bell!  And after I bought some special cheese and tortillas that we didn’t have we still saved like $10 off what we would have spent going out (plus we have about 2 cups of cheese sauce left and half the tortillas to save for another time too!).  So that’s a bonus too…$10 is $10 afterall!



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