Plow: 1, Mail box: 0

Our mailbox took it’s first casualty hit today from the plow.   Pretty good record since it has been almost 4 years since we moved here but still kind of a bummer because now we have to fix it.  Supposedly the county will replace it for us since it was their plow driver who hit it, but chances are he probably didn’t mean to and didn’t even see it or feel it when he did hit it.  Our mail box is a very generic gray and then when it is buried in most of a snow bank, and covered in dirty snow spray from other plows going past, it was probably not even visible in and amongst all the dirty road snow, gray road, gray trees, gray/white everything outside right now.  He (or she) probably has no idea it even happened.  Makes me think maybe I should paint our mail box a bright red, or get some of those reflectors to place around it so it catches the drivers eye because it’s far enough back on our property for them to not be plowing there.  It’s several feet in from the road edge and we have never had any problems before.  Maybe we were overdue for one…


For now the mail box, with half of it’s post still attached is happily sitting on the rugs in our mudroom getting attention from the dog who seems to think licking dirty snow off of it is fun.  I suppose the mail box doesn’t mind and it’s just sand so the dog will just get some extra roughage in her system.  I’m guessing we won’t get mail for a few days and I’m debating calling the post office to have our mail held until we fix it.  Our mail man already hates coming this far down the hill to just deliver to our house and I’d hate to have him drive down here all week only to find no box to leave the mail in!


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