Beating the Snow Home

Joe and I had to come back to the U.P. today to get ready for work tomorrow and a full week of stuff going on…. it was a fun but short trip!  We kept an eye on the weather because of a winter storm coming through and decided to leave as early as we could just to try and beat the storm home.  When we left the storm was just beginning to hit the Twin Cities and we thought we might be in for a long drive but about an hour north in our drive and we left the storm and had mostly clear weather until it caught back up with us about an hour away from our home here in the U.P.  So we were pretty lucky to have a mostly easy trip!  We picked up the dog at around 5:30 and then headed here in a downpour of little half-frozen ice chunks that froze on the road and on the wind shield.  Glad we got home when we did!


It didn’t look too promising as we were leaving this morning!  It was sort of raining, sleet or almost little hail even and Joe quick scraped off the car in our for us to leave!



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