Birthday Trip to Minnesota

Yesterday Joe and I stocked up all of our animals, dropped Cora off with friends at their kennel and headed down to Minnesota to visit for the weekend for Sam’s birthday.  We got there late afternoon as they were all starting to get home from work and school and shortly thereafter we all headed off to Red Lobster for supper.


We filled up on seafood and then Sam had a birthday sundae for dessert!



After supper we headed home and Sam got to open all of his birthday presents before bedtime!

Today then (Saturday) Sam had to get up early to go to a skiing class/camp thing all day.  He goes each Saturday for a few weeks during the winter and they take the kids to different ski hills around the area and they ski all day.  Today I think they went to a hill in Wisconsin about an hour away.  Joe’s mom and dad did some of their own errands today too so Joe and I went out to go to a few stores as well.  We hit up a big kitchen supply store and came home with tons of new things we were wanting, and a few things we didn’t know we wanted until we saw them!  Then we went to Ikea because I had never been there before and wanted to see it, and came out with a couple of other things (those white bowl/plates and 2 sets of small glass spice measure bowls) and ended off our trip with a visit to Joe’s uncle’s restaurant Twin City Grill in the Mall of America for lunch and a quick stop at Barnes and Noble on our way back to the car.


The kitchen supply store loot included a big funnel colander, three metal mixing bowls, an instant digital thermometer, two half-sheet baking pans, squeeze bottles, measuring spoons, a slotted serving spoon, a pastry cutter, some little spoon/bowl things that you could put a bite of food on (looks like a spoon rest), and a metal scooper for taking things out of hot oil.


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