Dog Cleaning

Joe was out of town, in Alabama, for a few days this week so it was just Cora and I to hold down the fort and keep an eye on the cats.  Luckily when Joe isn’t home Cora goes on alert mode and barks at the door or hallway, or anything, or nothing at all… more than several times a night.  So while I know the house is guarded, my sleep is limited!  I think she tries to be all proactive about guarding.  Instead of waiting for a burglar to try and break in, she just barks a few woofs regularly to let anybody within earshot of the house know that she is here, and she is watching and they better pick another house.  I even tried bringing her into the bedroom and closing the door but she just barks at the door every once in awhile and then goes back to sleep (leaving me awake!).

So this morning I was a little bit sleepy (not because of Cora this time but because I got up to say Goodbye to Joe who had to get up very early to get to the airport… the barking dog came later!)  and as I was getting the cat food out I was thinking exactly about how I wasn’t going to bother sweeping the floor since it was just me home and I could sweep on Thursday my day off.  Then I clumsily hit the counter with two full bowls of cat food…


I’m glad Cora really likes cat food because I still got out of sweeping.  She stood in the kitchen for ages licking up every last little piece of cat food… and I let her.  It didn’t go to waste and the floor was clean!  She got her own breakfast afterwards too and I got the cats something new.


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