Thawing Chicken Water

Winter is getting pretty old right about now.  I’m tired of hauling extra water back and forth from the chicken coop to keep it thawed and drinkable!  If the temperature could just stay in the teens to twenties or above then their body heat will keep the water from freezing but single digits and below zero temperatures and they can’t keep up.  My newest method for thawing water is on our old hot water radiator.  The poor thing is so ugly… the paint is all worn off and it’s rusting (and it’s so heavy it is sinking through our floor).  I tried to scrub it down because it’s got so many nooks and crannies and there is a design cast into it so there are little flowery spots where dust and stains collect, not to mention the animal hair…. but after scrubbing for a few minutes I decided it was hopeless.  I try to vacuum it off sometimes to at least keep it sort of clean and then after that you just have to love it how it is and look past it’s deficiencies! It’s old after all. And it keeps hats and mittens warm and dry, sometimes I’ll put socks or pants on there to warm them up, it thaws meat faster and it a resting spot for random things when we are cooking like a pan or our water kettle.  And now, it thaws chicken water!



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