Fish Tacos

Tuesday I thawed fish for supper.  But then our week just got worse and worse and I never actually made fish.  I can’t even remember what we had now but it was not fish.  So by today, Thursday,  I had to make fish or throw it away since it was too late to refreeze it.  I really didn’t want fish but decided I didn’t want to waste it either.  It wasn’t amazing fish, just frozen tilapia, but it still died for us to eat it and I paid for it so throwing it away seemed like such a waste.  So in the end we decided to have fish tacos!  A good way to use the fish up and eat something we generally like too!

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

The fish I cut into strips and was originally going to bread crumb them and make them crispy, then I moved to just pan-frying the plain fish, and then because the fish stuck to my pan, I switched to baking the fish and called it good.  Healthier that way anyways I guess.  So it was just baked strips of fish with taco seasoning on it (and actually I used guacamole seasoning because I must have used all our taco seasoning and didn’t feel like making my own…it worked), and along with that there was purple cabbage strips, cheese/sour cream, avocado, tomato and salsa.  On the side was jalapeno refried beans (a can of diced jalapenos and a can of refried beans, not fancy), and steamed broccoli and red peppers.  It worked… it wasn’t pizza or anything, but it was also not-wasted fish and healthier than what I really wanted to eat for supper with something like 7 vegetables (if you count canned jalapenos as a veggie) and a fruit (Avocado) so it was a reasonable end to the fish I just wasn’t feeling anything for!


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