A long week and no vaccuum

This was not our favourite week every around here.  It seems like nothing much went right… and on top of it, I broke the vacuum so our house was a mess too!  The only bright side was that one Monday a total stranger, randomly drove to the house in his tractor and cleared out the mound of snow at the bottom of our driveway.  Just what we needed!  I was here at home and saw him but assumed Joe had set it up for us.  Joe came home from work and asked who did that thinking I knew.  So neither of us know who did it, but whoever he was, he was just what we needed and I wish I could find him and thank him!  That snow clump at the end of the driveway was packed so hard that our plow couldn’t remove it and while my car could get over it, Joe’s car couldn’t do it easily or without bottoming out on it which isn’t good for the car… so the guy who cleared it… a life saver!

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

Anyone who doesn’t know, or hasn’t figured it out by now, our house is full of animals with lots of long hair, with litter boxes and bird seed and rabbit hay flung all over.  So to be without a vacuum…. is not pretty.  This time the vacuum cord frayed in the middle but it wasn’t the dog’s fault.  Joe could fix it (and has since) but his week was so busy he couldn’t do it until the weekend.  So upstairs the carpet was covered in little bits of cat litter and downstairs was covered in wood chips that my boots brought in from the chicken coop.  Luckily the kitchen and dining/living room are hard floors so those I could sweep and clean still.  But the carpeted areas weren’t nice and if someone had knocked on our door I don’t think I would have let them in!  Since that is the bathroom right there next to where the cats sleep (and the litter box… which is in a horrible spot – I know, but it’s the only spot one of the cats will use and I will take cat litter on the floor over poop anyday! … and with the vacuum it’s easily cleaned up) I put towels and blankets on the floor so we didn’t get cat litter stuck to our feet after we took our showers.  Thank goodness for whoever came up with the vacuum cleaner!  And possibly curse the person who thought carpet was nice… I like carpet in other peoples’ houses… nice, soft carpet.  But if I had a choice, in our own house, I’d rather just have hard wood that I can sweep and be done with!  Or even better…vinyl… with a drain in the floor so I can house it all down! 🙂 Don’t worry, I would never actually install vinyl everywhere.  And, even if I would, Joe wouldn’t think of it even for a second – he likes carpet!  For now, I’ll be glad the vacuum is feeling better!


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