Kitchen Cam

I keep forgetting to walk my trail camera all the way out behind the pole barn to see if I can get any good animal pictures out there, so before work one day I stuck the camera in the kitchen to watch our own animals during the day.  Unfortunately it seems like Cora doesn’t come downstairs at all during the day between when I leave and Joe comes home.  I think when it’s open she sits in the sun room and watches out the windows and when it’s closed she must lay in the hallway where she can feel like she is with the cats.  Chloe came downstairs a couple of times but mostly because that is where her food dish is located and she probably needed a snack!  I think I might try an upstairs camera one of these days to see if I get any better ones!


I left shortly after these two pictures.  Chloe getting a drink from the dog bowl and Cora with her bone in her mouth… probably about to find a hiding spot – which she changes regularly!  Funny how Chloe has her own water but only wants to drink out of Cora’s and Cora has her water but would prefer the toilet or a puddle if she could pick one.



And this is just as Joe was coming home and then later as I got home.  All throughout the afternoon there was nothing except Chloe a couple of times wandering past.  I’m sure upstairs must be like a circus then with everybody within a few feet of each other all day!  Cora must like the company of the cats and the view out the back window.



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