Frozen Potatoes

It has been cold up here the past few days! Cold, cold, cold! Schools have been closed and the high has been close to 0F.  All weekend the thermometer on the counter that is attached outside near my bird feeder said -4F to -5F and that was without wind chill.  Some towns a couple of hours here got to almost -20F not including wind chill!  The snow is crunchy, they can’t plow very well and on top of that… it keeps snowing and snowing.  Ask Joe how many times he has plowed in the last few days and he’ll tell you he hates the snow!  I don’t mind the snow and brushing off my car in the morning seems reasonable… but it’s been so snowy that you go inside for an hour and have to brush off the car.  I brush it off before spin class, after spin class, before work again (and maybe again yet before work if I do it too soon), then at lunch if I need to run errands and again after work! Usually just the fluffy stuff so it isn’t too terrible but still… that’s a lot of brushing!  I wish we had a garage for these kind of days!

Inside the house has generally been staying pretty warm and in fact our bedroom and guest/workout room are roasting hot. So hot we hardly need blankets at night!  Not sure why the heat gets trapped up in those rooms although they are upstairs in a corner and both rooms are really well insulated with newer windows and the blinds and curtains are down on both so there is a buffer and big long wall heaters.  Joe actually tried turning the valves down on the pipes that lead up to the bedrooms just to give us a break after I suggested we should turn the window ac on!  Downstairs is another matter with a couple of older windows and just more windows in general.  Plus, we come in and out the door so cold air comes in all the time.  During the colder weather we leave the front porch, sun room and pantry doors closed because there is no heat and/or older doors and windows in those three rooms so the rest of the house stays warmer… but I discovered the pantry was getting so cold that our potatoes were starting to freeze! Joe said he went in there and could see his breath one morning.  So now I’ve been forced to open the door and let some heat in there. Luckily it doesn’t seem to be too drafty or bringing too much cold into the house, there is a heater pretty close to the door opening too.  Better to spend the heat and warm the pantry than freeze all of our food! Plus I hate going in there in the winter because it’s super cold and gives me goose bumps!

When I first opened the door I was worried about the rabbit getting a draft and being cold, and as I thought about it, I don’t want him to be cold from the door opening and closing either when it is this cold outside… so I covered up his cage with a blanket for now so he can feel a bit more cozy and snuggly.  — On a side note, I even put a cat carrier full of blankets and fleece outside incase any of the stray/wandering cats want to snuggle up in it.  For all I know there are better spots in the barn, but just in case, there is a cozy spot to sleep out there if anyone needs it!


It’s a good thing the rabbit can’t read because that blanket says “I Love Cats” and has cats and hearts all over it!




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