Ocean and Chloe Go to the Vet

Another vet day today! This time was just for shots for two of the cats.  Two was plenty to take and I’m so glad I didn’t have to take all three of them!


Ocean was deemed perfectly healthy although the vet asked if her belly was always so round and if she always had scraggly fur and I said she has always been like this.  Her eyes look old too I guess, getting a bit cloudy, so the vet thought she is probably older than her unofficial 8.5 years as our guess.  Maybe she is closer to 10 or more.  She yowled the entire time we were waiting for them to come in, I’m pretty sure the dentist next door could hear her while she explored but then she behaved herself really well for the vet and the technician.  She gained about half a pound and came in I think at 9.6lb total.  She got two shots and at least one of them wiped her out because for the rest of the day and the following morning she was very sleepy and sick and uninterested in anything but a cozy corner to snooze in.


Chloe was also deemed relatively healthy but she got labeled obese again.  She is down from a year ago but still around 18.5 pounds. The vet commented on her tiny head and gigantic body and mentioned they sold weight loss food there.  We had her on that weight loss food for awhile but it is very, very expensive so the past couple of months I’ve been trying a store brand weight loss food.  So far she is diabetes free and still can jump and play so I’m not too terribly concerned yet.  She had only one shot and growled at the vet and the technician the entire time she was being examined.  She was not pleased. Although, unlike Ocean, she seemed perfectly fine afterwards and was just happy to be home.


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