(Not so) Vegetarian Monday

Joe and I decided to try themes for our menu planning for awhile and see how it goes, so Monday came out to be a vegetarian night for us and tonight was a cream of vegetable soup.  It was supposed to start off as cream of cauliflower soup (From the Pioneer Woman) but then I added broccoli and a bunch of other veggies and it ended up turning out as more of a cauliflower based vegetable soup instead!

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100


Then I was going to just make some buttered garlic bread to go with it but Joe suggesting topping the bread with leftover bacon cream cheese from stuffing jalapenos a few days ago so I did that instead.  And with the addition of bacon our vegetarian meal went out the window! 🙂 Although we agreed that using up leftovers and not wasting food trumped the fact that there was meat in our supper.  And really, it was very, very little meat anyways and technically it is our meal plan so we can break it whenever we want to!


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