Jamaican Cod and Sweet Potatoes

Another new recipe here tonight… although it isn’t often that we eat the same exact thing more than once.  Even our favourites or things we have had more than once like tacos and spaghetti or potato/leek soup are always prepared slightly different depending on what we have on hand and who is doing the preparing.  I’m not sure that we have ever had the exact same meal!

This one tonight we have never had before.  I found it in one of my new cookbooks, Cooking By Season,  from the holidays.  It used one package of cod, the recipe called for 4 fillets by my package had only 3 in it so I just used that, and then four sweet potatoes.  The spice mixture was a combination of 2tsp of paprika and allspice, 1Tbls. of olive oil, and then I chopped up two jalapenos (without most of the seeds) and a 2 inch section of ginger (peeled) in the food processor and that went into the spice mixture too.  The fish got coated in most of the spice mix and then the remainder of the mix got mixed throughout the potatoes.  The potatoes were roasted at 375 for like a half an hour (the book says 15 minutes but mine were not cooked) and then the fish was added on top for another 15 minutes until it was done too.  Then sprinkled with cilantro and served!  We had it with asparagus and toasted/buttered homemade bread from Joe from yesterday.

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

Joe liked the fish but he doesn’t like sweet potatoes very much so those weren’t his favourite.  I liked the potatoes and thought the fish was fine but I’m not much of a judge on fish.  The asparagus was from frozen because fresh is a bit expensive right now and it turned out a little too squishy.  I followed the microwave directions but wonder if I used the stove top if I could control how cooked they are and make them better!

We had supper around 8 or just after.  I was finished with work at 5:30 and Joe and I got home close to 6 together, him just a few minutes after I did.  He went up to go run and workout for an hour while supper cooked and I fed everybody and then shortly after supper at 9 we went off to bed!  It was an unusually warm day today and the little snow we have has been melting.  Most people don’t mind it but really it is pretty scary weather.  We should have tons of snow, little sunshine and cold temperatures. Joe even mentioned as we were going to bed that we hadn’t heard any snowmobiles buzzing.  There is a snowmobile trail about a block away from our house, where we often walk the dogs and run during the summer, and in past years we have had snowmobilers buzzing constantly up and down the trail…even late into the night and Joe was right….I haven’t heard a single one this year! There just isn’t enough snow!  Which hurts our local economy since people used to come up here in the winter to go on snowmobile trips and to have fun and now I doubt there is hardly even enough snow to go skiiing!  Maybe it will change but I doubt it.  Even as far back as I have lived up here… 10 years now, the first few years were colder and snowier.  I was always digging my car out, it snowed for the first time in October, and winter trips home were always full of snowstorms and blizzards and now I go outside in my running shorts and jacket with no hat or mittens.  Not for long, it’s still a bit too cold to wear that stuff out to run… but to walk the dog or to feed my chickens it’s fine.  I don’t think I have needed my Carhart overalls in several years and I can’t remember the last time I wore long underwear!  Maybe I am just becoming tougher but I doubt it 🙂  Scary weather!


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