Sodium Citrate

Joe got this fancy cooking book for Christmas and he has been wanting to try out a macaroni and cheese recipe in it which requires a special ingredient: sodium citrate.  Sodium citrate combines with the cheese and makes it so the cheese doesn’t separate when it melts or become grainy.  It turns brick cheese into a nice, creamy sauce like you could get from a jar or package of macaroni and cheese.  I haven’t checked but I am sure they use this, or something similar to do the same kind of thing.

We decided on swiss and cheddar macaroni and cheese and Joe added roast apples and bacon to it as well and it turned out really good! He said it was super easy to make too and used very little of the sodium citrate (roughly 11 grams mixed with a bit of water and about 300g of cheese to make enough for each to have two full bowlsful) so maybe we will just make our own now when we want easy food instead of using boxed stuff!  I have yet to try it… but if it really is that easy, then I should be able to handle it!

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

A picture from my lap as we were about to start eating!  You can see the creamy, white sauce (our cheddar was white along with the swiss), and little hunks of bacon and apple too.  Mmmm.


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