Barn Cat, Neighbor Cat, Fat Little Mole

I rearranged my trail camera outside and got a ton of good photos of the animals now.  It seems that several times a day barn cat and neighbor cat take turns coming to get snacks from the food spot and then several more times a day I get pictures of Cora’s face sniffing around the cat food, and in between all of that there is a fat little mole who scurries out to get his share of food too!


If you look closely between these two photos you can see the fat little mole.  Maybe a mouse.  Something! He is on the right hand side of the base of the feeder.  The top photo is empty and the bottom photo he is leaning up to get some food.


P00-224-382-256-272-07dh-0275-c11-l052-02-0360-1080-0359-1079-000-LB00-0Cora of Course! She likes to inspect the area to see which cats have visited.

Barn Cat: Such a fierce looking thing






Neighbor Cat: Doolittle




I wish I could share all of my photos but the camera takes a photo every 5 seconds if there is activity happening and I have several hundred photos already which is way too many to post! Watching them in order is really neat. Especially with the mole, you can see it scurry back and forth carrying food and you can see sometimes every half an hour the cats trade, and other times it will be every several hours one of them will come back to check the food.  I wonder if they are friends or if they avoid each other.  I hope everyday that nobody runs over the neighbors cats when they are out prowling.  So far they have been safe from cars, but it is still worrying.  And now that I consider barn cat ‘mine’ I hope nobody traps or hurts or harms him either!  I think if I keep food around and keep welcoming him back I will keep him closer to our house and maybe a bit safer.  I’m attached to him and I have never even met him and Doolittle is a sweet little cat too.  Sock is the neighbors other indoor/outdoor cat but I have yet to see him on the camera. I think he prefers to stay home with cat number 3 (who never goes outside much!) during the winter.


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