Cora and Chloe go to the Vet

This week was a big vet week for us.  Not intentionally, but it turned out that way!

Cora had to go in to the vet to be updated on some of her shots before Christmas but then she was still itching a lot from her allergies so they did another skin scraping and checked for mites (they checked for mites last year too but she just doesn’t have mites! Unless mites are seasonal and go away on their own and come back at the same time every year!) and then gave her more of her medicine that makes her eat anything and have to pee a lot but controls the itching!

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

Here they are hanging out in the kitchen.  Cora’s meds make her starving so she wouldn’t turn around for the camera while there was still any food, or crumb, left in her bowl!

Chloe went to the vet the following morning because I had been noticing her not eat her food for a few days and then she was getting sick and I was worried that she might have eaten tinsel from the tree or something else that wasn’t making her feel good and I wanted to get her into the vet before we travel for the holidays because I wouldn’t want her to be sick while we were away!  So they did blood tests and some x-rays and all they could determine is that she is too obese to see anything useful on the x-rays in the first place but that they thought she was fine and just had an upset stomach.  Joe picked her up from the vet and brought her home with some special food and antibiotics for a few days just incase.  At least we know she is alright!


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