Oven Cleaning

Since I filled the bottom of our oven with grease now I have to either clean the oven or turn it on and let it smoke itself out.  I’d rather not smoke up the house again since I can still smell it… so I decided to clean it instead.  To be honest I have never cleaned our oven (the stove top yes, but never the oven).  Not once, not ever and we have lived here almost 4 years.  And it wasn’t a new oven when we moved in either.  Our oven isn’t fancy, it’s a very basic gas stove.. no electric light, no digital timers or push buttons… just a pilot light and manual knobs.  And with the pilot light, since it’s always on, you can’t just spray flammable oven cleaners into it unless you want an even bigger problem than a dirty stove.  And I never wanted to mess with turning off the gas or restarting the pilot lights etc. so I never dealt with cleaning the inside of the oven.  Until now because now I had to.  And fortunately, or maybe unfortunately for the oven that I never thought of this sooner, I realized that I could just use dish soap, water and a steel scrubby to clean instead of using harsh chemicals.  Who would have thought?

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

My half-clean oven.  It was actually super easy! I didn’t scrub every single spot off but it is a million times cleaner than it ever was before and it was so easy! I need a wire brush now to get the grates cleaner and to get into the small spots.  And all of it without messing with the pilot light! Super exciting!  I think I might clean the oven more than once every 4 years now.  That should qualify me for some sort of homemaker cleaning award! 🙂

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100


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