Christmas Party Chicken Wings

One of the ladies at work hosts a Christmas party at her house each year.  She invites friends from work and sometimes her cousin, or other friends from outside of work too.  Friends from work include both us in the pharmacy and others from the rest of the store that she knows too.  Everybody brings their kids and husbands are invited as well although often times they choose to stay home.  The first year I went I went by myself and then I missed a year because it was snowy and now the last two years Joe has accompanied me.  And this year we decided to bring some food to add to her huge buffet and Joe volunteered to make chicken wings!

He made three big batches of them along with four different dipping sauces.  Orange teriyaki, buttermilk ranch, blue cheese and habanero mango.  I thought they were just as good plain, they were so tasty!  In fact,  I ‘sampled’ like 4 of them before we even left the house.  Just to be sure each batch was as good as the last of course!  Most of the wings, or at least over half of them, were eaten at the party and then we brought the rest home with us and had a late night snack with some of the rest.  We also saved a bunch for lunch the next day too!


VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100


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