Shop in the Basement

Joe, my parent’s and I went to breakfast at a little Finnish restaurant this morning and then they headed back to Appleton to get ready for going back to work in the morning.  Joe and I came home and Joe went down to the basement to work on putting in a little wood shop down there!  The plan is to seal off all of the weird crawl spaces (and there are a lot of them… seriously, how many crawl spaces does one house need? Our house has some to share!) and then close off a small little wood transfer door where there is air leaking around the edges, put foam in all of the windows to insulate and then insulate all of our hot water pipes as well.  We have hot water radiator heat so there are numerous pipes crossing the basement ceiling and we hope to save even more money on our gas bill by insulating them and making the whole system more efficient.

Today Joe managed to seal off the biggest crawl space, put foam in the windows and build one of three work benches that he wants to add downstairs.

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

Chloe was pretty pissed about the crawl space cover.  All of the cats enjoy coming into the basement but we’ve learned not to let them because they go into the crawl space and get filthy… plus many of the crawl spaces also have external doors in the foundation and we never know if one might be open or loose etc. and we don’t need cats going outside that way or finding creepy animals who might come inside!  So today when we actually let Chloe come down to the basement she was all excited and then she saw her beloved crawl space was closed and she was mad.

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

Two of the covered windows here and one of the work benches.  There is still a pile of crap in the middle of the floor we need to organize and/or get rid of and there are two more tables to build, a wall of peg board to install and at least one more little spot to insulate besides the pipes which need to be done too but it was a really good start with all of the work Joe did today.  I’m excited about the crawl space cover because I always found that a bit creepy… it is just a dirt floor with a ton of old bottles and trash thrown inside and when our septic tank over flowed it overflowed into the crawl space… so the whole thing just needed to be closed off! Now the only creepy bit of the basement is the stairs which are narrow and a favourite spot of the spiders.


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