Calumet Shopping

Today was mostly spent here at home although we did make a trip to the lumber yard to get some things to put a shop in the basement.  My parent’s brought their truck up so it made it easier to pick up the lumber and supplies and then after that we went up to Calumet to do some shopping there.


One of the stores we went to has old-fashioned barrels with loads of candy piled into them! A candy-lover’s dream come true!  Somehow none of us ended up buying any candy this trip… but that’s ok.  Around the holidays candy is everywhere you look so we can all probably do without some of it 🙂

We each found a few things to get for Christmas gifts and went to a couple of different stores before heading home again!  For supper we went out to a new Mexican restaurant called Habaneros.  It was only a week old so the staff and kitchen were still getting into the swing of things so I have to give them a bit of a break… but for the price, the wait time, the food and the service… I’m not totally sure it was worthwhile.  Joe said he would go back again though so maybe sometime we will give them another chance.  It was definitely not an amazing first impression though! Although like I said, they had only been open for a week…so we’ll see how they do in the future!


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