Picture of the Day

I only took one photo today and that was to show Joe just how much snow we got!  Cora looks like a demon with her glowing eyes 🙂


We had a different routine today.  I worked at 11 but then ended up staying an hour and a half late because one of the ladies couldn’t work today due to a car accident (but she is alright, or at least not seriously injured!) so I didn’t finish until 9.  Joe came home at a normal time but had to plow and then at 7:30 he went to town to meet his friend who was up visiting his girlfriend.  So when Cora expected me to come home, I didn’t.  And when she expected Joe to come inside and stay with her, he didn’t.  Poor Cora!  Then to top it off when I was done at 9, I went downtown to find Joe and his friend to hang out with them for awhile and I didn’t actually get home until after 11.  Joe fed her and walked her and played with her for a few minutes of course, so she wasn’t entirely neglected, but her usual routine of someone coming home and being home just didn’t happen today.

This picture is from like 11:30 when I got home and took her out for the last time.  Like I mentioned, Joe plowed around 7, so I was surprised to come home and find inches more of snow on the ground! Somehow between 7 and 11:30 we just got dumped on and I thought Joe would like a photo of it so this is what I sent him because he was still out with his friend for a couple of hours more.  Cora thinks the snow is fabulous anyways!



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