Black Bean Stew

Tonight was a late night for both of us.  I worked until 9 and Joe got home at his normal time but he had to install some new parts on the furnace too so he was working even after he was done with work.  When I finally made it home I made us some black bean stew from Runner’s World and then we headed off to bed.   The Runner’s World link goes to a page with several easy recipes.  I made this one because it seemed like the easiest to cook at 9pm but they all look tasty and I might try some of the others soon too.

The stew is made from black beans, diced tomatoes, veggie broth, a couple of diced onions and a carrot, a little bit of chopped chilli pepper in adobo sauce and chopped up roasted red peppers.  Spices include some cumin, thyme and orange zest. The recipe called for regular diced tomato but I used Rotel-style with the chilli’s in them and it ended up being a bit hot.  I also had a super tiny bit of pulled pork left from some sandwiches we had the other day so I threw that in there too but between all the veggies and the hotness of it I couldn’t taste any pork at all so it didn’t really matter but it was a good way to use it up.  We ate it with slices of flat bread, a little bit of cheese and/or bacon bits and a bunch of avocado.  Sour cream would have been tasty too but I always forget to buy sour cream when we are out of it.


After I posted this I went off to read about avocado and I thought I would share.

Avocado:  They tend to get a bad reputation because of their high fat content but it’s the good kind of monounsaturated fat that helps lower bad cholesterol.  They also contain more potassium than 2-3 bananas… which helps keep blood pressure under control.  On the same heart-health line they contain folic acid and vitamin B6 which help keep the heart healthy as well.  Not to mention they are a source of iron and close to 25 other vitamins and minerals.  Lutein which promotes eye health, and flavonoids which are anti-inflammatory are also found in avocados.  Compounds found in avocado help regulate blood sugar, fight free-radicals and cancer, reduce some birth defects (folate), protect against strokes and increase nutrient absorption.  All in one little fruit!  They aren’t the cheapest little things going from $1.50-$2 even in the off season per avocado but I regularly buy them and we often eat guacamole or put it on bacon sandwiches and lately have put it in stew and chilli.  For all the health benefits it’s probably worth it!


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