Cora goes for Christmas

I don’t know how it happened but somehow we were talking about bandanas and the next thing Cora knew, she had on one of Buddy’s old Christmas bandanas.  She was pretty pissed at first but got used to it surprisingly fast.  I tied it real loose so she could get out of it if she really wanted to.  At first she thought something was attacking her, but then she settled down and now, 24 hours later, she could care less that she is wearing a bandana!

She was pissed in the first picture, trying to get whatever was on her… and then like a switch flipped, she decided she needed to eat her supper instead and she went and did that and then she was pretty much fine!  Strange, emotional eating dog!  I don’t think green is really her colour…. Green was Buddy’s colour but Cora needs something else, so when I am out and about I might see if I can’t find her a different colour! Or maybe a nice Christmas bow so she looks like a girl 🙂



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