First Day of Christmas Season

Happy Birthday to my Mom today!

Today marks the first day of legal Christmas season! Stores try to sneak it in, and some people decorate early but I don’t decorate until the day after Thanksgiving.  I used to think it was December 1st, but I can see the allure of decorating for Christmas, and why people do it so early, so at least now I try to wait until the day after Thanksgiving.  I don’t like to miss out on all of the fall/Thanksgiving decorations either!

I was going to make a post about how much I dislike Black Friday but I’ll just show you some of my Christmas decorations instead.  The decorations made it all the way upstairs to the hall and the bathroom, into the mudroom, kitchen, dining room and living room.  The kitchen and dining room have the most decorations though because that’s where we are most and the tree will go in the dining room in the corner.

The table and window ledge are decorated.  Then two doorways to the porch and the living room are decorated too but I didn’t take photos of those and the tree will go off to the left when we get it.

The window ledge in the kitchen has gone from fall to Christmas with a bunch of pine branches and a little log house pine incense burner that has been going all day.  The window ledge above the kitchen sink has some decorations on it too, but I missed those in my picture taking.  I’m sure they will show up in a picture eventually.

The bookshelf has a mini Christmas tree all set up now and the wax melter has gone from pumpkin/apple smells to cinnamon stick that mingles with the pine smell from the incense burner.

One of my favourite new items this year is a set of bells that hang on the door handle and ring  every time someone opens the door.  I think those things are Joe’s favourite part too! He might even want to keep them up year round.  Hopefully they won’t mysteriously disappear but if they do, they were only $1 so it isn’t a big deal! 🙂  I’m not sure when or where we will get our Christmas tree this year but I do want one since I think it was last year that we never did get one!


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