Tacos and Turkey Day Prep

Today was my day off but it still started at 4:45 this morning when I got up to go to my spinning class.  Right away at 5:30 as I was leaving Dollar Bay some crazy lady cut me off, passing me in a turn-only lane.  I wasn’t going slow, just the speed limit but apparently she was in a hurry.  A few weeks ago a lady going home at 5:30pm did the same thing to me near the bridge in Hancock… she passed me in a turn-only lane, very dangerously, then tailgated the person in front of me and once they got to Dollar Bay the lady passed the  person in the turn lane as well.  Dangerous.  I was so angry, I almost followed her home.  You could kill someone doing that, turn lanes are not passing lanes.  I would have probably been arrested though so I didn’t of course.  Conveniently both cars looked the same and were coming/going from the same direction so I wondered this morning at 5:30 if it might not be the same woman.  She either has no idea what she is doing, or she thinks she is above everybody else.  Either way, I was irked and it made me wonder if everybody else was going to be horrible today too because it’s the day before a holiday.  Thankfully the rest of my day went well and very few people, shoppers and staff, were in bad moods and I only saw one other nasty driver.

After my spin class I came home to shower and then take my 92-year old friend, Eleanor, out shopping.  We hit up the grocery store, McDonald’s, The Dollar Store (Tree? some kind of store like that), Wal-Mart and the bank.  Everywhere was busy but we made it without any problems.  I ended up taking her home around 11am but as we were getting in the elevator another friend of hers (who could still be my grandma) showed up and I got sucked into staying for coffee and ‘bakery’.  So I spent the next hour and a half drinking coffee with expired milk in it, eating cinnamon rolls that might not be from this decade, listening to stories about people, times and places I know nothing about and can’t relate to.  It was lovely.  I don’t mind listening to old time stories at all (Eleanor tells me tons but when it is just us she will give me more back story), but in this instance both ladies knew the people and were reminiscing while I was listening (and generally being ignored!) so I didn’t get any background or side notes or explanations.  I spent most of my time squinting into the sun coming in from the window and trying to plan out how to politely escape without being horribly rude.  As you can tell by the hour and a half part…. I didn’t succeed quickly 🙂  It was sweet of them to try and include me at least!

After I made my escape I still had to go back to Wal-Mart (I can only do so much shopping with Eleanor because she needs help so I went back to get the rest of my groceries), then to the feed store and I should have done a couple of other errands but at 2pm I called it good and came home.  It took me almost an hour to get all caught up and everything put away.  I also had to clean out animal cages and visit the chickens and then I had some lunch and watched T.V. for a little bit.  There wasn’t much on so I ended up getting pulled into a show about American Gypsies.  Such a different lifestyle for sure!

Now this evening I have made tacos for supper with homemade guacamole and as far as I know… absolutely no high fructose corn syrup involved!  Joe worked all day today and now he is out with friends.  We’ll eat supper when he gets home, or if he takes awhile I will just eat without him.

I think I only make tacos so I can eat guacamole.  If Joe would let me, I would just make guacamole and eat it with chips for supper instead.  I think it might be one of my most favourite foods!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and Joe and I are going to have a low key day.  In the morning we are helping cook for Little Brothers Friends’ of the Elderly in the morning and then in the afternoon we will have our own little Thanksgiving.  I bought a turkey breast and I will make mashed potatoes, squash/sweet potato, green beans and stuffing.  The stuffing I just got a bag of and it will be prepackaged and the pie is also purchased from the store.  Since it is just the two of us and we are spending the morning cooking for other people, I thought I would make the afternoon as easy as possible.  I think this will be our first Thanksgiving entirely by ourselves since usually we either have one or both families here as guests, or in the past Joe has traveled without me or we have both traveled separately (like when we were in college and not married yet).


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