High Fructose Corn Syrup for Everybody

Disclaimer: I don’t like high fructose corn syrup (Joe thinks I’m crazy… he could care less about it!).  I like to avoid it if I can but I will eat it.  I don’t mind if you like it, or don’t care about it… I won’t judge! Through all my complaints about it, I don’t want anybody to feel bad for not caring about it! I just like to pay attention to what it’s in and I still eat it too despite my dislike for it.  You really can’t avoid it entirely… it’s everywhere!

I worked until 9 tonight and had no plans for supper, not even any meat thawed for Joe, until around 7:30 tonight when I decided I would make chicken sandwiches with baked beans and salad for supper.  Sounds alright, hits a couple of food groups anyways… until you read the labels and realize you’re eating at least 4 varieties of high fructose corn syrup for supper.  I might as well just buy some in a bottle and pour that into a bowl for us for supper to eat plain.  Joe doesn’t mind the stuff, it doesn’t bother him whatsoever… but I think it’s horrific and I’d like to avoid it (and most of the other strange ingredients on packaged foods) forever if I could but some things you either can’t buy without, or the varieties available without are less than satisfactory.  Not to mention sometimes you just need to have some pre-packaged easy food or birthday cake or something in a restaurant and you just can’t avoid it… and I’m not going to be that person who demands ingredient lists or refuses to eat something just because of it. So I’ll eat it… but it wasn’t my proudest moment when I realized I had prepared it in at least 4 different items at supper tonight!  Made me realize I ought to go back to planning meals better, especially for those nights when I work late and we don’t have as much time.  Or at least thaw meat for Joe so he can cook us something better which he will gladly do if I give him at least something to work with.

Here is our supper.  Pre-prepared Tyson chicken patties… I didn’t even look at the ingredients in these.  I like chicken patties and think they are tasty so I like to hope they are just totally chicken with a bit of chemical free breading but I didn’t chance looking at the ingredients! 🙂 Even if I did, I would probably still make them once in awhile like I already do… they are so easy and tasty.  On them we had cheese, which was safe, and on mine there was mayo which was safe too.  Joe prefers BBQ sauce on his and I have tried a couple of high fructose corn syrup free brands, and I even made my own once… but we still prefer Sweet Baby Ray’s and their very first ingredient is HFCS.  I still buy it though because it still tastes the best…and I will eat it too, I just prefer mayo on my chicken instead. Maybe someday they will join the trend and pick other ingredients. Although there will always be something new so maybe it won’t necessarily be a better ingredient.

My hamburger buns are from Brownberry which is the new company from Mexico that purchased Sara Lee.  I know this because one of my coworkers’ husbands is a Sara Lee delivery driver.  They are slowly phasing out Sara Lee and will only offer Brownberry.  I tend to try to avoid Brownberry for the sake of my coworker but that leaves us with only a few choices so tonight it was Brownberry for hamburger buns.  I should mention that most of Brownberry breads are high-fructose corn syrup free… But not hamburger buns.  I have been unable to find any hamburger buns without it so when I buy them… it comes too.  I got these buns because I like the little sesame seeds on them.  I think it looks all nice and fancy.  If you can make a chicken patty look fancy anyways.

On the side we had baked beans and salad.  I don’t know what is in normal canned or homemade baked beans.  I have never made my own from scratch and tonight I was in the deli section at Wal-Mart and I was really looking for some sort of veggie or pasta salad but I found baked beans and called it good.  I didn’t want to go all the way back to check the canned beans so I just got these Great Value brand deli-beans.  They definitely contain a lot of weird ingredients including HFCS and I think I like canned versions better but they were still alright…. it’s been a long time since I thought to make baked beans.  I should really try making them from scratch here at home.  Our salad was nice, full of tomato and peppers and different lettuces.  Unfortunately ranch falls into the same category as BBQ sauce and I have tried HFCS-free varieties and haven’t found one I liked.  One I did find was so terrible I couldn’t even finish it off…. so I went back to buying Hidden Valley or Great Value type brands!

So there is our HFCS filled supper of the night! Tomorrow is my day off to grocery shop and take my friend Eleanor out and see about getting us a less processed supper for the night!



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