Pine Cone Bird Treats

Bacon was on the menu for our breakfast yesterday so I decided to make some bird treats with the bacon grease once it was cooled.  I don’t know if birds really like bacon grease, but they eat lard in suet and it is similar.  Otherwise the squirrels will get them instead.  Just as long as they don’t attract bears 🙂

Leftover pan of bacon grease… I put it in the fridge to cool faster, a bowl of bird seed, ribbon for the hangers and four pine cones that I picked up from our front yard.

I tied strong to eat pine cone for a hanger and then coated them all in bacon grease and rolled them in bird seed.  I also used my hands and squashed/stuck as much bird seed to them as I could.  Then I hung them up outside near our bird feeder in our gigantic lilac tree.

I thought they were nice so I hope somebody comes to eat them!


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