A Walk in the Woods/Pictures of Every Tree Fungus I Found.

A warm, but cloudy, Sunday for us today! Joe and I spent most of the day here at home… Joe worked on a new stone on his faceting machine for a few hours while I mopped and organized/moved stuff around and made some pine cone bird treats for outside that I will share later.

Then this afternoon we both got dressed and took Cora out for a nice walk in the woods.  Since hunting season is in full swing and practically everybody hunts up here (except us) we were very careful when we were out in the woods!

Most of our walk was here at this wildlife sanctuary.  Clearly it says No Hunting.  Not that people can’t help themselves anyways, but it should be safer… technically.  Some of our walk was on other land but it was on a wide open, four wheeler trail so we could see pretty well and as we moved into the woods we were originally heading towards a lookout tower but we did hear a few gun shots from that direction so we turned the opposite direction back into the sanctuary where we didn’t see or hear anybody else.

Here I am, taking a picture all nice… and the next thing I know Joe is running so the dog chases him and I was holding the leash so I had to run for my life so I didn’t get pulled along anyways! She is fast!

It’s a nice area to walk in.  There are a few fields… I think it must have been a farm at some point.  I guess the people who own the land still live on the very edge and you pass their house on the way to the parking spot.  They have gorgeous free range chickens and supposedly they are off-the-grid and make their own power even.  I don’t know if that is true or not, but they do have solar panels so it’s possible.  I would love to do that too but it would be so expensive to install solar panels and/or wind mills… probably would need both because it isn’t always sunny here. And I would only want to do it if I could still run electricity like I’m used to… T.V. and the dishwasher (which I think is the only major appliance we own that is electric… all the rest are gas) and lights.  No candles or anything like that for me.

The trails go all over the place and go from field to forest.  There are some wider two-track trails and then off road trails you can hardly see that are just meant for walking, or at least no motorized vehicles.  We have been here twice now.  The first time there was a car parked next to ours but we never saw anybody else.  This second time we did come up on two guys in their orange but they weren’t hunting… just out walking. Joe thought they were maybe putting up trail cameras. I don’t think that part of the trail was private….  if it was then they couldn’t hunt there anyways. Cora saw them first because she came over the top of the hill before us and growled a bit, we waved at them and then headed back the way we came to leave them with their part of the trail.  After that we saw nobody else again.  So it’s a quiet, nice spot to bring the dog. We don’t need to worry too much about people and other dogs. Although now during hunting season we do need to be alert and aware of hunting land!

And… because I mentioned tree fungus.  I ended up taking pictures of all kinds of it! You can thank Joe for me not turning them into an entire blog post of their own! He thought that might be a bit too boring by themselves 🙂 Every time I saw a new kind I stopped to take a picture.  Joe and Cora were very patient!

This one isn’t fungus but I thought it was cool anyways.  It’s a baby pine tree growing up out of an old rotting tree trunk.  That’s the circle of life right there for sure.  It was pretty.


Here’s another not-fungus picture.  How cool are those holes? I’m assuming it is from a wood pecker.  Looks like a cribbage board! Obviously since this tree is dead on the ground it probably didn’t think these holes were that cool!

And another not-fungus picture.  This tree had such a cool knot.  I wonder what happened to it to make it do this.  This would make an amazing bowl I think. Not that I would cut the tree down or anything, but if someone found it after it had died.  They could sand the inside there and polish it up.

Joe saw this tree first.  It had another unusual formation.  Not quite as round and bowl-like as the other but still weird.  Something happened as this guy was growing to make it go all funny.  I told Joe it looked like a tree gnomes might live in (if there were gnomes of course!).  Pretty sure he thinks he married a crazy lady.

It ended up being a really nice, warm day for a fall walk! And it was good to get out for a couple of hours and exercise the dog and do some walking around ourselves.  I don’t know when the snow will come to stay (the snow from last Monday melted) but when it does I doubt we will be going hiking very often!


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