Potato Light Bulb Fixer

Today was a work day for both Joe and I.  Me because I had to, and Joe because I had to 🙂 Joe tends to go to work when I work on the weekends too…he gets extra stuff done that way.  Other than work Joe ordered parts for our furnace to make it work correctly and took Cora on a long dog walk after he got home this afternoon. For supper we had steak salad with lettuces/spinach, tomatoes, peppers, olives, cheese, croutons, carrots, onion and a few bacon bits.

Since we were both gone the majority of the day and there isn’t too much new to report I thought I would show you my potato light bulb fixer.

I don’t know where I learned this, I think every body learns it as a little kid, and I’m sure it is all over the internet as the easiest way to get a broken light bulb out of a socket too.  Wherever the idea came from, I finally had a chance to try it, and it works!  This light bulb was broken in part of our lamp for a long time. Maybe a year. It’s a stand lamp with two shoots off of it and we always use the taller, other, one. But I was on a fixing spree so I decided I was going to fix this too and it worked super easy.

Unfortunately for the potato though, you can’t eat it after you jab a light bulb into it. The first half of the potato went into my chicken bucket and this half had to be sacrificed to the trash.



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