Hopeful Solution to Pinga’s Problem

Ever since Pinga started to feel bad with her immune system issues and her first tooth removal surgery she has decided she doesn’t want to walk to the litter box.  She was scared of Chloe and the original litter box was downstairs and far to go for a cat who wasn’t feeling well.  At first I added a second litter box upstairs and that worked for awhile but as she began to feel worse she started to go to the bathroom on her towels/blankets.  So every morning I have to change and wash her towels.  Less than ideal.  Containable and livable but not ideal and pretty annoying.

After her second surgery when she had almost the rest of her teeth removed, Pinga started to feel a lot better.  Now a couple of months later she is feeling great…she is moving around more and eating anything she can find.  She has gone back to being her normal, chunky, chatty self.  When we first got her I nicknamed her Ham because she was a bit chubby, especially compared to Ocean who is the smallest.  By the time Pinga got her second surgery she was smaller than Ocean.  Now she has gone back to original self and is our middle sized cat, and much happier!  The only problem is she has decided that she doesn’t need to go back to either litter box!

Ocean checking out the new littler box tote.

Enter litter box number 3! I got a new rubbermaid-type container and scored/sawed holes in it.  One for the door and one for a little window for some air flow and light inside.

It’s also lined with newspapers and I put a small litter box inside.  For Pinga it will be awesome but Ocean will go inside and make a huge mess.  She isn’t a tidy cat. I’m hoping Chloe can’t fit in the door here so she won’t be a problem.  She has two other boxes she can fit into so she has options!

Pinga wanted nothing to do with her new litter box when I showed it to her, but when Ocean became interested she finally decided to go take a look.

Ocean decided to get comfortable with this new litter box right away.  She has no shame. The flinging cat litter got Cora’s attention and Pinga is protecting Ocean from the dog here 🙂  I’m hoping the dog doesn’t think this is her own private buffet and drag the whole thing down to get at the box.

Thank goodness for Ocean.  She is a peacemaker if there ever was one.  Everbody likes her.  Buddy loved her and Cora likes her (maybe a little too much!).  Chloe is tolerant of her and even shows some deference.  Pinga just adores her and looks up to her like a role model.  If Ocean does it, Pinga feels safer.  Ocean is top cat, and safety blanket all in one.  Since this spot is now Ocean approved I’m hoping that Pinga feels safe and is willing to use this spot too!

Obviously having a litter box in the middle of the room on top of all my craft supply boxes isn’t amazing but if Pinga will use it and stop going to the bathroom on her towels then I’ll consider that an improvement and go from there! The other litter box is about 10 feet away so maybe I can get her to go back to using that one eventually!

*** After the first night, so far so good! Pinga has decided to use her litter box… maybe the trend will continue and I won’t have to do so much laundry!


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