Client Night #2 = Arby’s

Tonight I worked until 9 and didn’t want to cook much at all, especially just for myself.  So, it was an Arby’s night! Normally we save Arby’s and when Joe travels once or twice a year one of the nights he is gone I’ll go get Arby’s for all of the rest of us.  Otherwise we pretty much never go there.

Everybody loves Arby’s… somehow you can’t go wrong with roast beef.  Usually out of the three cats one of them doesn’t like something.  Except roast beef, everybody will gobble down their roast beef.  Pinga and Ocean don’t have full sets of teeth though… Ocean has most of hers but is missing a couple of her back teeth, and Pinga has almost none so I have to pull theirs apart even smaller than I did for the photo.  Chloe can eat whole dog cookies if she finds them so there are no worries for her! Cora too… no worries. She would swallow it whole if I didn’t pull it apart. They all got some regular healthy food too along with their less than healthy Arby’s.


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