Clients in Town

Joe’s work has had clients in town this week so tonight was one of the night’s he was out to supper with them.  In the morning I took some leftover pork out of the freezer to use up and I was originally thinking of making some sort of pork pie with frozen pie shells I have but when I got home that seemed like a lot of work so I just made up supper instead.  Probably should have continued with the pie recipe… supper ended up being stir fried pork and vegetables with rice and miso soup broth poured on top.  I thought it was alright but not amazing.

The darker green areas are seaweed.  It was still good but I left it in the hot water too long and it disintegrated a bit.  Even though it wasn’t amazing I still packed it for our lunches for the following day.  Joe ate is stir fry and rice but definitely did not like the miso part.  I thought it was ok but he tastes better than I do and said I used way too much miso.  🙂

Cora and I then went to bed at 8:30 to read for a bit and were already asleep for a couple of hours when Joe got home!


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