Thermostat and Chicken Wings

It was another rainy, rainy day here. Puddles in the chicken coop and in any low spot in our yard or driveway.  It was a rain boots day for going out to the chicken coop, because my normal crocs just don’t work in the really deep gross puddles.  Joe and I didn’t go outside much but we did run to town briefly once to get a few groceries and a new thermostat.

Now we have a nice, digital thermostat.  It is even programmable if we want but our schedules vary so much that we haven’t done that yet.  It was a pretty easy install too and took Joe only a few minutes to hook it up while I was getting our lunch ready.  Lunch was sandwiches from the grocery store… a chicken and bacon wrap for Joe and an Italian panini for me, along with smoked herring, herb cheese and crackers.  I liked the smoked herring but it was so salty. And I like salt, I go through soy sauce bottles fast, but this stuff just about made my mouth pucker.  Joe mentioned that I was supposed to rinse it off before I served it which I did not know!

For supper Joe made us chicken wings with a mango/habanero sauce that we had with some ranch, and then grocery store potato salad and a bit spinache/mixed lettuce regular salad as well.


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