Septic Hookup and Basement Pictures

Today was a super rainy day around here. It just poured and poured leaving big puddles in the chicken coop and in the backyard where all we have is dirt and hay.  Our morning was spent here at home, I ran and made us breakfast and Joe worked on a new stone on his faceting machine.  By 1 we were ready to go run errands and get the pipe to hook up our septic in the basement.

Hanging out in the plumbing isle.  A whole bunch of elbow pipes and end caps and all sorts of things I don’t know much about.  Behind me there were shower heads and towel bars.  Joe picked out all of the stuff we needed!  Then we had to run it out to the car because it was raining so much.

Joe fitting the new pipe in.  The pipe lower on the wall is the old septic tank line that we just capped off and will leave just like it is.

Cora exploring the basement.  We put some unused/extra stuff down here but never really organized it.  We always talk about adding some shelves to organize our things and then adding work benches and making it a little shop down here too… more like a wood shop as opposed to our big shop out in the pole barn.

Cora was feeling brave when I opened the store room for her to look at.  She hopped in and out a dozen times before we called it quits.  We haven’t gone in here to clean yet, and we may never.  It’s creepy.  It looks like it was a nice little cold room once with shelves and cool storage. Now there are rotting boxes and the opening into the crawl space is unprotected. Yuck. Sometimes I wonder if there is anything cool in those boxes, but the creepiness of it keeps me out!  I don’t think Joe has even actually been in here… so that makes Cora the first and only (besides mice) that have been in here in years!

This is on the wall in the basement. I can read July 18-29 but I can’t figure out what the rest of that says. I thought maybe it was Finnish because so many people up here are from Finland but I don’t think so.  Maybe it is a name, or it’s another language from another nationality that settled here.  There were people from all over Europe here although it seems like the majority were Finns. Pretty neat anyways!

Finished pipes! After a couple of tests… the first one showing us we forgot to glue one section, and the second one showing all was well… we were done!



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