Playing Ball with Chloe

I caught Cora and Chloe playing right next to my chair today!  Cora found a tennis ball and was bouncing it around and playing with it.  I don’t know if she purposefully or accidentally gave it to Chloe at some point but somehow Chlo wouldn’t give it back! That isn’t a typo either…her name is really Chloe but I tend to skip the ‘e’ and just call her Chlo. Or Beast, or Big Cat… she is gigantic after all.

Cora is pretty pumped here.  The cat is playing with her, which the cat doesn’t always want to do.  Definite excitement and interest going on.

Still excited.  Cat is taking a longer turn with the ball than is appropriate but still ok… Cat is playing so that’s good. Cat must be getting ready to throw the ball for sure.

Excitement is building now…. here it comes.  Cat is going to throw the ball.

Cat fakes it and takes the ball back! Cora is starting to get frustrated. Looks at me and wonders if maybe I will get the ball back for her.  We both know better than to reach in there though so ball is safe with cat for now.

Cora finally gives up and lays down with a sigh.  Cat has the ball, ball belongs to the cat. No chance of sharing, or ever getting ball back. Huge bummer.

Cat still has ball and is now using it to taunt Cora, keeping it just within her grasp so she can grab it back again.  Dog doesn’t fall for it. Pretends like napping is the most important thing she should be doing right now.

All of a sudden a freak accident happens and the cat drops the ball and it rolls behind the toy basket.  Cat is way too fat and lazy to jump up and chase the ball.  Cora gets there first…

And gets her ball back! A good ending afterall!

Today was the last day of the septic tank outside construction.  The crew was able to finish it up this morning despite the rain yesterday and now our yard is big, beautiful, level and covered in hay and grass seed ready for the spring! Electricity is back on in the chicken coop and Saturday will be our inside the house hook up day!

Supper tonight was roast crockpot chicken (Only Ok) along with brown rice and salad.  Very simple but still supper!  We have also noticed this evening that our furnace is not working quite right.  Fantastic.  May have to call on that in the morning to have someone come check it out for us! Crossing our fingers!


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