Septic Tank Part 3: The Big Dig

Today is the day for the septic tank to go in! The workers came between 8 and 9 with another excavator, a loader, and a bunch of trucks and gear.  Shortly after 9 they were already clearing the area of debris and knocking down the little house/shack.  I spent most of the day watching from the sun room like a stalker. Not sure if they saw me, if they did they think I’m a crazy lady.

Excavator and loader working to clear debris.  Joe banished the chickens inside today because he can’t stand the roosters crowing constantly.

Goodbye house shack!  My heart clenched up when they knocked it over. I felt bad that somebody’s life was scooped up like trash.  It is trash now of course, it’s old and rotten and forgotten.  But it’s also someone’s history, their once beloved belongings.  Signs and a little plastic toy horse.  Clothes, a shoe, chairs and a cupboard.  Someone once valued and used those things and I felt bad not getting to look at them and remember them once more for someone before we threw them away.

It crumbled like it was made out of toy blocks or a sandcastle… there was nothing to it when put against the excavator.

Now when we mention that we cut down a lot of trees and cleared our yard people won’t say “Oh, is that why I can see that falling down shed in your yard now?” which is what one of Joe’s coworkers said!

The excavator and loader made quick work of the rubble pile.

The big excavator turned to other tasks while the smaller excavator, the size of a Bobcat, took over and leveled the yard and made it look like this.

Removing some old concrete steps from the external pantry door. For those who don’t know, our pantry is really a fully enclosed entry way at the back of our house that we would never use.  We have never even opened the door but instead turned it into a large pantry with a lot of shelves and storage space.  The concrete steps were broken into pieces by the big claw and then dropped into the well which was then caved in/filled in and removed from existence.

Goodbye old clothes line pole! There was never any partner to it and it was next to the steps in the way.  Notice the over-sized concrete base on that sucker? Whoever installed it meant business! Or they were a giant with really heavy clothing!

The hole, pre-tank.  While this was being dug there were other guys working on drilling the hole in the foundation for the new house to tank pipe and other things I don’t even know what they were doing. Dirt and later gravel dump trucks were coming and going bringing loads of material too.

Hello brand new 1500 gallon duel tank septic tank! And super cool crane truck that delivers and places tank in hole! I was outside watching with Joe at this point and said “With a huge tank like this, just think of all the things I can flush down the toilet!” I think he grimaced a little and said “I know, that’s why I’m installing an extra filter on the outlet” My husband knows me and knows that if he can’t change his wife’s habits (I hate sink strainers and will let anything go down the sink if it will fit) then he will have to vamp up the septic tank to stand up to me.  🙂 Although I will be more careful to keep this tank and drain field nice now that we put the money into it to make it so good.

Crane truck moving the tank into the hole.  Our tank was poured/made on 9/5, exactly two months ago.

All of the pipes are attached to the house and the tank and now they are working on the drain field.  They can bury most of the pipe etc. but need to leave some of it out like that until the health inspector comes and signs off on it… probably tomorrow morning.

One of the many dump trucks full of gravel that came today. I don’t know how the crew feels about our yard but I think it is pretty easy to work in.  The driveway past the house is pretty tight but then it opens up into a big wide parking lot out back there.  Trucks can turn around easily and drive out of the driveway forward instead of backing out.  We also fit all the work trucks and trailers and loader etc. back there without needing to overflow into the road or front of the house.

Midafternoon Cora and I headed to Dollar Bay for a walk since she there is no way we can walk her around all of the workers and trucks.  She would just bark and bark and never do her business. On the way home I convinced her to inspect the basement steps.  She has never seen them open and didn’t want to go down at first but finally she got brave enough and ran down, looked around, and ran out!

Working on the drain field again. We have five drain pipes and a big field of gravel for filtering.

Now at 7:43pm Joe is cleaning up from the day, I am finishing my blog post and then we will have some pizza for supper and head to bed shortly.  We both work tomorrow but Joe will be here in the morning to finish up the work outside… it should only take 3-4 hours and we will be finished! It may be light enough tomorrow night when I get home to take photos, otherwise on Wednesday morning I will take some of our ‘new’ yard.

Tomorrow is also election day…. we plan to vote and I hope everybody out there is planning to vote too!


3 thoughts on “Septic Tank Part 3: The Big Dig

  1. You’ve done a fine job, especially picking out the super-sized tank. Should last you a lifetime of happy toileting!

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