A Morning of Errands/Whole Grain Perch Fry

Today was a day of errands for me.  I meant to run, but somehow I never got there. I did manage to go to the dump, return our cans for our deposit, drop off our water bill at the township office, deposit a check at the bank. Then before work Joe came with me to the car body shop to get an estimate for our car.  We have an appointment on November 12 to get our deer dent fixed which should be nice.  I generally don’t think about the dent on my car, but when I do think about it it makes me think that other people are wondering whose car or what lamp post I hit and thinking I am a crazy lady.

Tonight was also another late night for me so Joe made us supper again.  I’m getting used to and spoiled by having supper made for me when I work late nights… it’s nice! We ran out of white flour and I haven’t bought more yet so Joe was stuck using whole wheat flour for the batter but it worked! I did promise to buy white flour though too.

Joe also made us homemade spicy aioli, and then we had spinach/arugula salad with homemade tomato dressing too.  Another good supper! I’m guessing we can all understand why I’ve managed to gain like 6 pounds in the last few months, despite running two marathons and a 10 mile race.. tons of good food!


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