Meatloaf, Cabbage and the Biggest Red Potato Ever

Today was a nice sunny (but cold) day so after work Joe and I took Cora out to the trails for a walk.  She loves going to the trail for walks and she has even learned to pee regularly like Buddy did to mark her pretend territory.  It was definitely hat and mitten weather and the wind was still a bit cold through my fleece jacket but we made it and the dog was very happy!  We came home and had another easy meal for supper.  It consisted of meatloaf cups (a pound of ground beef, 1 cup water, and a box of stuffing mix), with cream cheese mashed red potatoes, and sauteed cabbage, carrot and onion and then a salad on the side too.  Joe didn’t love the meatloaf because of the stuffing, he requested regular bread crumbs/seasonings next time which would be easy enough to change but otherwise it was alright.  I was surprised that the cabbage was ok, I wasn’t sure we would like it but we ate it at least and the mashed potatoes were just normal!

What was not normal was this gigantic red potato (before it was mashed of course!) I pulled out of the bag I bought.  Gigantic. Never seen a red potato that huge.

Next to my hand, next to another red potato… this potato was clearly meant to be born a watermelon.

Even Joe and Cora had to inspect the giant potato… which reminds me that there is a lemon somewhere in the house that I gave to the dog to play with.  I should probably find that before it goes bad!


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