Weeknight Food

One of the Pillsbury commercials got to me, the one where they turn crescent rolls into some little stuffed things with chicken and then they show a family eating supper.  There must be a good subconscious message in there because one day I just thought to myself how I needed to buy some crescent rolls and stuff them with chicken for supper.  So I did. Unfortunately for Pillsbury I bought generic Great Value crescent rolls, the extra large 50% more ones… but I do thank them for the idea anyways!

So supper tonight was broccoli cheese soup (like 10 broccoli crowns, 2 cans of Progresso cheese soup, a bunch of chicken broth some salt/pepper/tabasco and a stick blender) and then little BBQ chicken/cheese crescent rolls (crockpot chicken-shredded, BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese and cooked like the package says) Easy enough! Nothing fancy and Joe didn’t love my soup (I guess I didn’t use enough salt!) but it hit a few food groups and it was ready before 10pm on a weeknight!


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