They had me at ‘Pumpkin’

It’s pumpkin flavour season, one of the best things about fall! This year I missed almost the whole first half of pumpkin season not having anything pumpkin flavoured for almost the entire month of October… I don’t know what I was thinking. So now it is pumpkin time for sure and I am starting off my season with some pumpkin English muffins!

To be honest I had no idea they made pumpkin English muffins until I walked past them in the store. They were just sitting quietly in the bread isle by their normal counterparts and I was casually walking past, with my arms full of other groceries, debating on whether or not I should pick up some bread when all of a sudden I saw the regular English muffins. I love English muffins but go on streaks of buying or not buying them so I thought maybe I would get some of those instead… and then I saw the pumpkin ones and I was sold! Add some cream cheese to them and they are perfect and pumpkiny!

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